Web Designing

Web Designing or Website Designing is the process of building and maintaining websites. This includes different aspects like, website wire framewebsite layoutcolor combinationsfontsgraphic designwebpage interactions etc.

All websites on WWW are designed by Web Designer. A Web Designer build front end or User Interface part of a website. Front End includes writing mark up, style sheetimagesanimated content, and the layout Design.

To learn web designing, we need a code editor, a browser, and basic knowledge of computers. A Code Editor is used to write code, and browser is used to view live webpage. Some Famous code editors are notepad++bracketssublime text atom etc. You can use any one of them. Except Dreamweaver, all are open source.

Web Designing Course Content:

Language Full Form/details Uses


Hypertext Markup Language The basic language used to create Web Page Structure. HTML Tutorial


Cascading Style Sheet To style or decorate a webpage build by HTML. CSS Tutorial


Image Editor To create and edit images for a webpage.


Client Side Scripting Client Side Scripting Language used to validate form data, handle events, DOM manipulation, add dynamic content, and to add functionalities. Javascript Tutorial


Javascript Library Javascript Library to build interactive websites with less code, ajax interaction, animation and DOM Manipulation etc.JQuery Tutorial


Latest Version of HTML To create semantic webpage with new tags, media objects, geolocation, web storage and web accessibility. HTML5 Tutorial


Latest CSS Version. To style a webpage with new properties, new selectors and to build Responsive WebsiteCSS3 Tutorial


Front End Framework Bootstrap or Twitter Bootstrap is HTML5 Based and Responsive framework used to build responsive websites quickly. Bootstrap Tutorial

UI Testing

To test User Interface. To test user interface on Touch and Touch devices, Cross Browser issues, w3c validation and Device testing.


Search Engine Optimisation To bring your website on google search, and other search engine. To create sitemap, and how to use google webmaster and google analytics tools to improve website search visibility.

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